The Magic Door and the Potential of Voice Assistants

The Magic Door is not just an interactive adventure that we can play in Alexa: it is also the perfect example that voice assistants are a world to explore.

In countries like India, or much of Latin America, it is not very common to find a Google Home or an Alexa running in a house. But these voice assistants have been a real revolution in countries like the United States or the United Kingdom. More and more homes have a microphone that always listens (hello, NSA) to attend to our orders.

And these voice assistants are a world that still has much to explore. We are accustomed to having music put on by us, set an alarm or even make us the purchase. But the possibilities are endless. Why not play with them? Why not make them tell us a story in which we can intervene?

The Magic Door, an interactive adventure for Alexa

The Magic Door is a game in which the great news is that we play through Alexa, the voice assistant of Amazon. The game tries to tell us stories in which we can intervene with our decisions. We start at a four-way intersection, and we choose where we want to go. All this, of course, loudly.

The game has 10 regions on the map, and exploring them will take us to several stories. From finding the crown of the princess to traveling to an ancient temple through a portal. You can see the complete list on the project website. And, if you have an Amazon Echo and want to try, just say “Alexa, enable The Magic Door“.

Voice assistants at home, a field with infinite potential

Moving away from the gaming terrain, one of the best examples of much to explore is Burger King‘s recent advertising campaign. Yes, the one in which the television commercial activated the Google Home of the people to advertise their hamburger.

Google has been quick in this case, and has disabled from their servers the possibility that this ad works. But how many more experiments will we see where advertising tries to make a dent in voice assistants? How many more ads will you try to activate Alexa or Google Home until Amazon or Google remedy?

And this is just talking about advertising, a field that is usually up to date in trying to catch people. Other fields, such as video games, are beginning to experience in this market. And, as we can see, they are already getting very interesting results. Now it’s a story that reminds us of the beginnings of video games on computers. But what could it be in a couple of years?

Voice assistants are something new, and it will take a long time to see their true potential. And if we combine all this with the advance of artificial intelligence, the so-called machine learning or home automation? The future may bring very surprising things in this direction.

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