Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Instagram will blur nude photos sent to minors

Instagram took the security measures offered on its platform one step further and announced an important update to protect its young users. This new feature automatically blurs nude images that users may be exposed to through messages. The update in question was developed in response to increasing societal demands, especially to ensure the safety of children and teenagers online.

Instagram and its parent company Meta are constantly working to improve security on their platforms. This new step introduces a feature that will be enabled by default for young individuals based on the birthday information in their user accounts. Adult users are encouraged to enable this feature via a notification. Thus, another layer of protection is added across the platform.

This security measure is based on determining whether images sent via Instagram's direct messaging service contain nudity by analyzing them on a device-by-device machine learning algorithm. If an image contains nudity, it is blurred and the recipient is given the option to report the image or block the sender. In this way, users are protected against unwanted content and precautions are taken against fraud attempts.

According to Meta's statement, this feature not only protects users from unwanted nudity images, but also acts as a shield against scammers encouraging people to send their own nude photos. A warning message designed specifically for younger users informs recipients not to feel pressured to respond.

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This new security step comes in addition to the measures Instagram and Meta have previously taken to protect children and young people on their platforms. The company has previously offered tools that help take sexually explicit images offline and limited users' access to harmful topics such as suicide, self-harm and eating disorders.

These developments show that digital platforms take their responsibilities in protecting their young users seriously and are taking steps in this direction with technological innovations. This latest update from Instagram stands out as an important step towards ensuring the online security of users and emphasizes the platform's determination to make the user experience safer.

Danish Kapoor