Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

DuckDuckGo offers new privacy service including VPN for $9.99 per month

Privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo has announced Privacy Pro, a new subscription service to further strengthen users' online privacy. This service offers users features such as VPN, deletion of personal information from the device, and identity theft prevention for $9.99 per month. Privacy Pro adds a new dimension to DuckDuckGo's free services, allowing users to more effectively protect their digital footprints.

Strengthen your privacy with DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo's free search engine and browser prioritizes users' privacy by protecting them from a variety of online trackers. With Privacy Pro, the company takes this protection even further, offering a VPN service that encrypts users' internet connection, thus strengthening their online privacy. This VPN service, developed using the open source WireGuard protocol, provides users with high-speed and secure internet access.

DuckDuckGo's VPN service encrypts users' internet traffic, preventing Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from accessing this data. Thus, users are provided with complete privacy and control over their online activities. A random ID assigned to users with Privacy Pro subscription offers a secure alternative to traditional username and password methods.

The company hosts its VPN servers in the US, Europe, and Canada, allowing users to choose the most suitable location based on their needs. DuckDuckGo aims to expand its service network and add servers in more locations.

On the other hand, Privacy Pro also offers the service of removing users' personal information from third-party data broker sites, such as Spokeo. This feature automatically detects and deletes personal data on these sites, using the information stored on the user's device.

Finally, DuckDuckGo's identity theft protection service aims to support users when their identities are stolen. This service helps users with issues such as canceling and reissuing important documents, reporting fraudulent claims to health insurance providers, freezing credit reports, and more. DuckDuckGo offers this service in collaboration with identity theft protection company Iris, so users are provided with 24/7 support in case of any problems.

Danish Kapoor