Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Microsoft makes it easier to install Windows Store apps from the web

Microsoft has started improving the experience of downloading Windows Store apps from the web. The software giant has created a “standalone version of Microsoft Store” that works like a typical executable file used to install apps from the Microsoft Store. This aims to reduce the complexity of finding and installing Windows store apps over the web.

Now when downloading the app from the web version, it will download a standalone installer instead of launching the Microsoft Store and a mini window. This means you won't have to click install from the web, then let Chrome or Edge open the Microsoft Store, and finally click install to install the app. Instead, a lightweight installer will download that you can launch to install the Microsoft Store app you're looking for.

What's new in Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store developer Rudy Huyn, claims to reduce this entire process to just two clicks; But in my own testing, downloading and installing Microsoft Store apps from the web still takes three clicks. You click to download, then click to open this new lightweight installer, and at the prompt that still appears you have to click to install. Microsoft appears to have simplified the process by removing the prompt to confirm opening the Microsoft Store via Chrome or Edge.

However, not all Microsoft Store apps seem to support this new lightweight installer. While I could download bundled versions of GroupMe and Snapchat, trying to download Discord this way again redirected me to the Microsoft Store. Standalone installers do not include the full application installer that is downloaded during the application installation process.

Microsoft has tested this new method over the past five months and claims that, on average, it leads to a 12 percent increase in installations and a 54 percent increase in apps launching after installing. This is undoubtedly good news for developers eager to get Windows users to install and use their apps. That's why Microsoft is expanding this experiment to more products and country markets.

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Danish Kapoor