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Danish Kapoor

New features from Steam that will make family sharing easier

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Steam has renewed its family sharing system under the name “Steam Families”. The new system eliminates the limitation on how many people can play games from a library. While purchasing games for children is becoming easier, new parental controls and sharing options are being added.

Previously, users had to use two different systems called Family Sharing and Family View. With these systems, library sharing could be done and the games that children could play could be limited. In the past, while one user was playing a game in a library, it was not possible for other users to play a different game.

But now this is changing. While one user is playing Half-Life, another user will be able to play Portal 2 from the same library. However, it will not be possible for two users to play Portal 2 at the same time.

steam family sharing

To try Steam’s new family sharing features, you need to join the beta program. To do this, you need to follow the steps in Settings > Interface > Customer Beta Participation and then select the “Steam Family Beta” option. Then go to the Store page to create a family. After clicking the Account tab, go to the Family Management option through the Account details and create a family from there.

steam family sharing

Steam libraries can be shared with five other family members, as before. However, there is no limitation on the number of devices that can be authorized. Previously this number was 10. In addition, offline gaming will also be supported in the new era.

Steam makes it easier for parents with new family sharing features

In the new era, parents’ job becomes easier. Parental controls will no longer be limited to determining game times and restricting the content that can be accessed. Parents also avoid giving their children gift cards or their own credit cards to purchase games. All you have to do is play the game request and the fee is charged to the parent’s credit card.

It should be noted that the new system has a regional lock. Therefore, it may not be possible for users living in different countries to meet in family sharing. Additionally, users who leave a family share will not be able to create a new family group or join an existing family group for one year.

Steam reminds developers that they must approve their games for family sharing. Free games and subscriptions will be excluded from family sharing.

Danish Kapoor