Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

The long-awaited new iPad Pro will be revealed very soon

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Apple’s new iPad Pro models have been awaited for a long time. It is said that the company will make changes in its new tablets at a level that it has not made since 2018. However, it is still unclear when the new iPad Pros will be introduced. 9to5Mac site brought together the latest rumors on this subject.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman had long stated that the new iPad Pro would be introduced in late March or early April. While Gurman repeats this prediction in the latest issue of his Power On newsletter, he states that the release schedule depends on the iPadOS 17.4 update designed for the new tablet.

Gurman used the following statements: “In December, I said that the new iPad Pro would arrive after the M3 MacBook Air, that is, ‘around the end of March’. Since then, I have repeatedly said that iPadOS 17.4, designed for updated models, will not be completed until the end of March, or even April. Once the operating system is complete, Apple needs to ship it to factories to be installed on new hardware. This process may take a few weeks and we may have to wait until later next month. “There is no change in my news, be patient.”

Analyst Ross Young from Display Supply Chain Consultants says that the shipment of the new iPad Pros will begin in April. This claim coincides with Gurman’s predictions. According to Young, production of the 11-inch iPad Pro is trailing behind the 12.9-inch screen model. Therefore, it is stated that it may be difficult to find the 11 inch model at first.

The new iPad Pro may be introduced on March 26

Two recent posts show that the announcement of the new iPad Pro is not far away. One of them states that Apple may make an announcement about the iPad on March 26. seen on amazon and the product pages of cases and other accessories, apparently prepared by third-party manufacturers, also strengthen the expectation that the new iPad Pro will be introduced on March 26.

It is certain that the new iPad Pro models will include OLED screens, make the case thinner, increase the performance with the M3 chip, and renew the accessories. It will soon be possible to understand the accuracy of these predictions.

Danish Kapoor