Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

TikTok brings live broadcasts to computers with LIVE Studio

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Popular video platform TikTok brings its live broadcast experience to the computer with its new product TikTok LIVE Studio. Users with a TikTok account will now be able to produce and share live content from their computers.

LIVE Studio, offered by TikTok, can be downloaded to computers with Windows operating system. This new software allows anyone with a TikTok account to make live broadcasts more easily and authentically from their computers.

TikTok users can customize up to 10 scenes at a time with LIVE Studio. Each scene makes it possible to capture video and audio from different sources. This allows users to share content received from devices such as the Elgato capture card or programs such as Steam live on TikTok.

tiktok live studio

Users can expand their potential audience by editing broadcast titles, cover photos and tags in the LIVE broadcast settings section offered by TikTok Live Studio. In addition, Live Studio provides access to a range of detailed information, from audio and video settings to live broadcast data. Interactive broadcasts in which multiple guests can participate can be made using the Multi-guest or co-host features in Live Studio. Moreover, it is possible to set a broadcast target, broadcast both vertically and horizontally, and use free effects.

TikTok LIVE Studio offers more creativity to content creators

The live chat section allows users to view comments, gifts and emojis from viewers and offers users options to filter and edit their chats. TikTok LIVE Studio offers creators more creativity by providing a variety of tools for interactions.

This update further enriches the live broadcast experience by increasing the advantages TikTok offers to content creators.

Danish Kapoor