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Danish Kapoor

Apple will hold the London leg of its Let Loose event

Apple will reveal its new iPads at the Let Loose event on May 7. The company will also hold an event in London, the capital of England, simultaneously with this event.

The Independent's news on the subject includes the following statements: “Apple will broadcast the launch as a live video worldwide, but it will be accompanied by an event in London, which may explain the unusually early launch. “The company has held its launches virtually from its home in California, and holding it in the UK represents a break from tradition.”

Journalist Joe Rossignol stated in his post on Threads that he confirmed that Apple will hold an event in London for the Let Loose event that will last longer than one day and bring together journalists, bloggers and content creators. The event will be open to invitees only.

Rossignol also said: “There will be participants from many European countries and even Australia. “I think Apple will be held in Battersea and it will be possible to experience new products.”

Apple did not hold a physical meeting in Cupertino for its “Scary Fast” event focused on the Mac in October. However, he had invited press and influencers to several cities around the world to watch event video and get hands-on time with the products.

Apple Let Loose event will start at 17.00 Türkiye time

Apple's Let Loose event will start on May 7 at 17.00 Türkiye time. This means that the start time in the US state of California, where the company is headquartered, will be 07:00. The physical event to be held in London makes the start time, which is unusual for California, more meaningful. The event will start at 15.00 local time in the UK

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Danish Kapoor