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Danish Kapoor

Google will help English learners with artificial intelligence

Google is testing listening skills with a feature that lets people talk to their phones and practice English with a conversational AI bot. Google first introduced the conversation practice experience in October 2023. Originally, this feature only provided feedback on spoken sentences. Now users will be able to practice having ongoing conversations in the language they are learning.

According to TechCrunch, this feature is currently available for Search Labs users in Argentina, Colombia, India, Mexico, Venezuela and Indonesia. It's worth remembering that Search Labs is Google's sandbox where it tests potential new Search features. However, this feature may also occur when translating from English to English via Google on an Android device.

Feedback and conversation practice features are currently only available in English. Google explained in a 2023 blog post that Search is “a valuable tool for language learners” because they can get translations and definitions and search for words.

Google doesn't have a curriculum or system that levels students like Duolingo, Babbel, Pimsleur, or other language learning apps. When it launched the speaking practice, the company stated that it helps students not only practice but also find the best words or inflections to use in a conversational context. Although Google has had a translation feature for years, the company is also increasing the number of languages ​​understood by its artificial intelligence models.

Google isn't the first company to help with AI-powered language learning

Artificial intelligence-assisted language learning is not a new concept. Duolingo, arguably the most popular language learning app, added an AI chatbot in 2016 and integrated GPT-4 in 2023. Memrise, another online language learning platform, has launched a GPT-3-based chatbot on Discord that allows people to learn languages ​​while chatting. Other language learning platforms also offer speaking practice. Pimsleur, for example, asks users to engage in a conversation with the app and encourages people to answer questions in their target language.

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Danish Kapoor