Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Honor’s new foldable phone Magic Flip may be introduced before the end of February

Honor is expected to unveil its first foldable phone with a clamshell design soon. A new leak sheds light on the launch date and design of the foldable phone, which is said to be called Honor Magic Flip.

Previous news had stated that Magic Flip could be introduced right after the period defined as the Spring Festival in China. The same claim was also confirmed in a post on Weibo. It is claimed that Magic Flip will become official as of February 22, after the Spring Festival between February 10-17.

In the image in this post, it is possible to see the back panel of the phone quite blurry. Despite the blurriness, the two large rings on the rear panel are clearly visible. While it is understood that one of the rings in question contains an LED flash, it is thought that the other may represent the cover screen. This brings to mind the foldable phones of Huawei, Honor’s former parent company.

Honor Magic Flip will come with a dual-cell 4500 mAh battery

Thanks to previous leaks, the battery capacity of Magic Flip was also revealed. The smartphone is expected to have a dual-cell battery with a capacity of 4500 mAh. It is said that one of them will have a capacity of 2420 mAh and the other will have a capacity of 1980 mAh.

What is known about Honor Magic Flip is limited to these for now. It should be noted that the current information has not been confirmed yet. However, it may be a surprise to encounter more leaks about the foldable phone in the coming period.

Danish Kapoor