Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

OpenAI may introduce its new multi-modal digital assistant soon

OpenAI, which carries out pioneering work in the field of artificial intelligence technologies, introduced a new multi-modal artificial intelligence model for its users. This model has the capacity to recognize objects as well as the ability to speak. According to new news, this technology will be exhibited in detail next Monday.

Features of OpenAI's new multi-modal AI assistant

OpenAI's new model offers faster and more accurate image and audio interpretation capability compared to existing transcription and text-to-speech models. These advanced capabilities can help customer service agents better understand callers' tone of voice and whether they are sarcastic. It is also stated that the model theoretically has the potential to teach students mathematics or translate real-world signals.

The model in question may outperform GPT-4 Turbo in answering some types of questions, but the tendency to confidently present false information remains. This shows the areas where artificial intelligence still needs to be worked on. Developer Ananay Arora According to the information sharedOpenAI may also be working on ChatGPT's ability to make phone calls.

According to Arora, OpenAI has dedicated servers for real-time voice and video communication. This may be an indication that the company aims to further enrich user interactions. However, it was clearly stated that these innovations were not related to GPT-5. CEO Sam Altman stated that next week's announcement is not about a model that is expected to be “materially better” than GPT-4.

OpenAI's new announcements are expected to coincide with Google's I/O developer conference and potentially attract attention. Google is testing technology to make phone calls using artificial intelligence, and there are rumors of a project called “Pixie” that would be a multi-modal Google Assistant replacement. OpenAI will introduce these new technologies live on its website on Monday evening at 20.00 Türkiye time.

This new multi-modal AI assistant from OpenAI could open a new chapter in the field of digital assistants. The development of technology continues to deliver innovations in many areas of daily life, significantly improving the user experience. These developments will enable artificial intelligence to come to the fore not only with its computing power but also with its perceptual intelligence.

Danish Kapoor