Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Samsung may offer the option to turn off the Super HDR feature for Instagram

The Super HDR feature introduced by Samsung for the Galaxy S24 series aims to provide a more immersive experience during photo and video shooting. This feature is integrated into social media applications such as Instagram. However, some Galaxy S24 Series phone users are not satisfied with the image offered by this feature when watching images and videos on Instagram with Super HDR.

Plans to make Super HDR optional on Instagram

Taking into account users' wishes, Samsung is working on an option where they can disable Super HDR within Instagram. According to information obtained from the TechIssuesToday site, the company is considering making this feature adjustable according to users' preferences. This will be an important development, especially for those who do not prefer Super HDR's features such as high brightness, color volume and wide dynamic range.

One of Samsung's official forum moderators revealed that the company is collaborating with Instagram and working on adding a settings button that will make Super HDR optional. A similar feature is already available in the iOS version of Instagram. This means that a similar feature may be offered for Android users as well.

Super HDR was developed using Google's Ultra HDR format and allows images and videos to be captured with a wider dynamic range and higher color depth. When you capture an image or video on the Galaxy S24, the file is saved with Super HDR enhancements. When you view these files in the phone's Gallery app, you can see higher brightness and a wider dynamic range.

When you upload it to Instagram, you can experience the same visual experience while browsing within the application. However, when you browse visual content on Instagram with Super HDR, the brightness of the screen increases to match the tone map of the Super HDR file. This manifests itself as the screen suddenly brightening and the colors becoming stronger.

Users complained about this situation on social media and Samsung's official forums. These complaints are voiced by those who do not like sudden brightness increases and the vibrancy of colors, especially those that include features such as higher color depth and dynamic range. Therefore, the Instagram app for Android may offer the option to turn off Super HDR for those who do not like this feature.

Danish Kapoor