Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Microsoft Copilot supports Android users with AI innovations

Windows 11's AI assistant Copilot has been updated with a new add-on that allows users to interact with text messages via their Android smartphones. This add-on specifically aims to establish a seamless connection between your Windows 11 PC and your mobile device. This new artificial intelligence-supported feature promises to significantly improve the user experience.

A new step in Windows 11 and Android integration

Copilot's 'Phone' extension makes it easier for users to manage their Android devices via their Windows 11 PC. This plug-in works integrated with the Phone Link application and enables data flow between devices. In this way, users can send and receive messages directly from the PC and access their contact information.

To use the plug-in, the Phone Link application must first be active. Once the plugin is installed, users can read text messages and send new messages on their Android devices. Additionally, they can quickly access contact information and communicate using this information.

However, according to Windows Latest, the add-on is not yet fully functional. Microsoft continues to work to fix these problems. For example, when attempting to initiate a phone call, the plugin manages to provide correct contact information, even though it does not support this function.

With this seemingly simple functionality, it is not expected to rival Google's Gemini AI application. Because while Gemini offers a broader scope for managing your Android device on your computer, Copilot focuses more on specific tasks.

Microsoft has hinted that Copilot will offer more advanced functionality across Android phones and Windows 11 PCs in the future. Artificial intelligence will be able to extract important information (for example, the time of a dinner reservation) from text messages on your phone.

The Phone add-on, which is currently only available for Android users, may also be offered for iOS in the future. It is thought that Microsoft will not deprive iPhone users of such artificial intelligence features. Thus, users of both platforms will be able to benefit from the advantages offered by Copilot.

Danish Kapoor