Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Apple will introduce the next generation Siri at WWDC 2024

Apple is preparing to announce a major update to Siri at the World Developers Conference (WWDC 2024) in June. The new Siri will be supported by artificial intelligence technology and will thus have more speaking capabilities. This innovation will significantly increase Siri's understanding capacity and responses to user requests.

The new Siri is aimed to be able to perform tasks better, especially setting a timer and creating reminders. With the upcoming update, Apple aims for Siri to go beyond just the simple question-answer mechanism and offer a richer interaction. With this transformation brought by artificial intelligence, Siri's conversations will be more fluent and contextual.

Siri will better understand the user's intentions thanks to artificial intelligence

While the traditional Siri system was generally designed for one-off questions, the new system will better understand user intent and provide more reasonable answers. In this way, a more natural dialogue can be established with users. This step by Apple will enable it to gain a more competitive position among technological assistants.

On the other hand, the new Siri will also have the ability to summarize incoming text messages and notifications. Apple claims that it pays more attention to privacy with these features and offers a safer alternative than its competitors. By performing most operations within the device, it will minimize the transfer of user data to the cloud.

However, the limits and limitations of on-device systems are not yet clear. The question is whether all of Apple's devices, especially the new generation iPhone and iPad models, have the power to run these large language models. If the new Siri will only work on devices with powerful chips, how will this affect products like HomePod or Apple Watch?

Apple has stated that it will take a hybrid approach and has begun placing its own Apple Silicon chips in data centers to expand AI server capacity. It was also reported that negotiations were being held to make licensing agreements with Google's Gemini artificial intelligence system for some features.

The new Siri that will come with iOS 18 will be just one of the new artificial intelligence-supported features to be integrated into the system. Apple will also announce updates for iOS 18 and other operating systems at WWDC. These new features added to the operating system will include home screen updates, design changes and new functions in many core applications.

Danish Kapoor