Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Apple launched HomePod and HomePod mini in Turkey

Apple brings an extraordinary sound experience to homes with the 2nd generation HomePod and HomePod mini, which it introduced to the Turkish market as of May 10. Customers can buy HomePod (2nd generation) for 11,999 TL and HomePod mini for 3,999 TL You can order at prices.

These new speakers, full of advanced computational audio technologies and acoustic innovations, also attract attention with their aesthetic designs. HomePod promises impressive acoustic experiences with its S7 chip, which uses a specially developed high-motion woofer and complex algorithms for flawless sound quality. Thanks to room sensing technology, the speaker automatically adjusts the sound according to its location and thus optimizes the listening experience.

HomePod mini, on the other hand, offers a powerful sound output despite its size. Thanks to the Apple-designed acoustic waveguide, it creates a 360-degree sound field and provides equal sound quality in all directions. In the design of these speakers, Apple aimed to offer users a product that stands out in terms of both aesthetics and functionality.

Music lovers can listen to more than 100 million songs with crystal clarity and deep bass, which they can access through Apple Music. Thanks to Siri support, users can get information about songs, search by artist and genre, and easily manage their personal playlists.

These speakers not only offer an excellent music experience, but also include various features for daily use and smart home management. It includes many useful features, from voice-controlled smart home automation to sending announcements to all rooms of the house. Additionally, it works integrated with Apple TV 4K, taking the home theater system to the next level.

These speakers, which support users' daily needs and open a new page in home automation, also adapt to any interior with their stylish designs. HomePod also contributes to environmental sustainability with its knitted fabric made from recycled materials and its new midnight color option. HomePod mini expands color options, offering users the opportunity to choose according to their personal preferences.

Apple remains committed to protecting customer privacy, prioritizing users' privacy with security measures such as end-to-end encryption of all Siri requests. These speakers also stand out in terms of energy efficiency; They minimize energy consumption by operating in low power mode.

Buy Apple HomePod or HomePod mini (All is here)
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Danish Kapoor