Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Xiaomi introduces its flagship Xiaomi 14 Ultra on February 22

Following the latest rumors, Xiaomi has confirmed that the company’s next flagship smartphone, Xiaomi 14 Ultra, will be introduced at an event to be held in China on February 22. Confirmed. The phone will be officially introduced for global markets on February 25 at the MWC 2024 event, where Xiaomi will also launch other phones of the Xiaomi 14 series globally, which it introduced in China last year.

Latest expectations and rumors about Xiaomi 14 Ultra features

According to the statement made by Xiaomi, 14 Ultra has a comprehensively renewed camera design. With great attention to detail, using Xiaomi’s advanced materials, the phone undergoes comprehensive evolution in terms of shape, grip and articulation, seeking constant changes in simplicity.

The phone uses an innovative and immersive micro-curved display. It has a more elegant and simple design, a nicer body and trunk distribution, and overall better balance.

The phone, which has a fully wrapped metal frame, has fine details. Designed with a larger double-sided bevel, smoother lines and a structure that fits your hand better. It will also feature a more elegant classic camera ring design.

The phone’s full specifications and press images were already revealed earlier this week. We plan to learn the official details next Thursday at 14.00 Turkey time, when the phone will be officially introduced.

Danish Kapoor