Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Threads expands “hidden words” feature

Adam Mosseri, Instagram's top manager, announced that the scope of the mute feature offered under the name “hidden words” in the Threads application has been expanded.

The feature in question was until now only available for user-directed posts. Therefore, users could only turn off the visibility of certain words or expressions in the responses given to them. Now, “hidden words” will not be shown in the main feed, searches, profiles and replies under other posts.

The Hidden Words feature essentially functions as a muting filter. It makes it possible to add a word, phrase, or even emoji to the list and hide them throughout the app. Meta enables users to create a custom list and automatically filters posts containing certain words. This automatic filter can be disabled by the user.

Other tools for Threads are also being tested

Mosseri also announced that the company is working on more inspection tools. Soon users will be able to choose who can quote them. Thus, it is aimed to make significant progress in reducing unwanted attention and harassment. Users will also be able to mute notifications on posts.

Threads offers the Hidden Words feature, which expands the scope, to all its users. Testing for other innovations is currently ongoing.

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Danish Kapoor