Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Behind the scenes of the Apple Music Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show was shot with iPhone 15 Pro

Apple Music Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show, which took place last weekend, fascinated the audience with USHER’s magnificent performance. Apple shared an in-depth behind-the-scenes video about the production of the show. What is remarkable is that this entire video was shot using the iPhone 15.

Apple stated that more than 40 iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max devices were used for this video. These devices were used both during the show and throughout rehearsals, even connecting to the performing artists.

Comments from team members about iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max

Mike Carson, director of the behind-the-scenes video, said choosing the iPhone allowed him to achieve his dream scope, given the need to be in many places at once on a documentary-style project. Without the use of any external lenses, just with this all-in-one device, it is possible to have a multitude of angles and operators in areas where achieving the large scale required for film would be both challenging and expensive, Carson said.

iPhone 15 Pro’s support for LOG and Pro Res recording stands out as a key factor in the project. Carson emphasized that this feature is a game changer in dealing with uncontrollable lighting scenarios, especially considering its documentary-style approach, with Log being crucial in terms of dynamic range.

Photography director Xiaolong Liu added that iPhones are significantly more portable and unobtrusive than traditional cameras, allowing for a much wider range of shots with minimal setup. The size and flexibility of the iPhone offers the ability to capture images from unique angles and tight spaces that traditional cameras cannot accommodate. Like Usher’s throne scene and Alicia Keys’ piano scene, for example.

Behind the scenes of the Apple Music Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show offers a vivid example of how technology and art can intertwine. iPhone 15 is more than just a phone, it turns into a powerful storytelling tool in the hands of creators. In this project, impressive visuals and stories were created by pushing the limits of the iPhone’s potential.

Danish Kapoor