Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

TikTok's new Instagram-like application TikTok Notes has been released

TikTok's new experimental application, which makes it possible to share photos with written descriptions, has finally been officially revealed. The application, called TikTok Notes, started to meet users in Australia and Canada.

Comments made on the subject from TikTok's X account in sharing “We are in the early stages of testing a dedicated space for photo and text content in TikTok Notes. We hope the TikTok community will use TikTok Notes to continue sharing their moments through photo posts. “Whether documenting adventures, expressing creativity, or simply sharing snapshots of a day, the Notes experience is designed for those who want to share and engage through photo content.”

Screenshots shared on the App Store show that the app has two streams, just like TikTok. While there are recommended contents in the For You stream, shares of followed accounts can be seen in the Following stream. Posts here are displayed similarly to how they were just before Instagram was taken over by videos. Users can share one or more photos with long descriptions.

Signs that TikTok was preparing an Instagram-like application first emerged last month at the end of reverse engineering studies. Some TikTok users had recently seen notifications about the new service in the application.

It can be said that TikTok's attempt to offer the main feature of Instagram is an interesting move. Having a photo-focused application will offer TikTok users the opportunity to share their content other than videos and expand their audience. Thus, the company seems to have created an assurance against the possibility that its main application is banned in the USA. However, there is currently no information on when Notes will be released in the USA.

Could TikTok Notes be an alternative to Instagram for angry users?

Nowadays, many Instagram users are complaining about their posts not reaching enough people. Adam Mosseri, Instagram's top manager, regularly responds to complaints about this issue via Threads. If TikTok Notes gains the expected momentum, it could be a good alternative for troubled users.

Danish Kapoor