Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Galaxy Fit 3 has now been spotted on Samsung’s website

Although Xiaomi is the first brand that comes to mind when it comes to smart bracelets, other companies are also trying to get a share of this cake. One of these companies is Samsung. The South Korean company’s next move seems to be the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3.

Galaxy Fit 3, which has been talked about since 2022 and featured in various leaks, was last seen on the company’s website. Thanks to the visuals in question, it is possible to take a closer look at the smart bracelet in detail.

Galaxy Fit 2 was released in 2020. Therefore, it can be said that Galaxy Fit 3 is a rather delayed product. Leaks show that the smart bracelet will have a larger screen compared to its predecessor. It can easily be said that this is an important move for Samsung to compete with Xiaomi.

Three color options will be offered for Samsung Galaxy Fit 3

Galaxy Fit 3 will come with a special mechanism for easy replacement of straps. According to previously leaked information, the screen size of the bracelet, which weighs 21 grams on the scale, will be 1.61 inches. Gray, silver and rose gold color options will be offered for the aluminum case.

samsung galaxy fit 3

Galaxy Fit 3 will come with a heart rate monitor, sleep tracking, and many other sports-oriented features. It is also rumored that the 200 mAh capacity battery with 5W charging support will provide 13 days of usage time. It will not be a surprise if the official announcement for the smart bracelet is made in the coming days.


Danish Kapoor