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Danish Kapoor

512 GB Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is on with a great price advantage

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Samsung's newest flagship Galaxy S24 Ultra has features that clearly distinguish it from other members of the S24 Series, especially the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor and S Pen. In addition, it also attracts attention with its prices starting from 70,000 TL. offers Galaxy S24 Ultra with 512 GB capacity, within the scope of Spring Deals, At a very advantageous price of 67.999 TL offers. same product 79.499 TL at Samsung Shop Online selling.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra features

Samsung's new flagship Galaxy S24 Ultra is not only pleasing to the eye with its stylish and powerful design, but also sets a new standard in performance. The screen, protected by Corning Gorilla Armor technology glass, offers superior resistance to scratches and daily impacts. Thanks to this durable screen, the beauty and clarity of your device remains as permanent as the first day.

Samsung's innovative approach is also reflected in the water and dust resistance of the Galaxy S24 Ultra. This device, which has an IP68 rating, frees you from worry and guarantees that it will be a reliable companion in all conditions. Galaxy S24 Ultra, which is an ideal choice for adventure seekers and users who have to use mobile devices in difficult conditions, has a structure that will cope with difficulties.

This stunning device comes with built-in S Pen, a popular feature of Samsung. The efficiency and precision of the S Pen takes note-taking, drawing, and digital content creation to a whole new level. Together with the S Pen, Galaxy S24 Ultra offers the perfect combination of functionality and creativity. It is now possible to instantly put your thoughts and ideas on paper and transfer your dreams to the digital world.

When it comes to the camera, the Galaxy S24 Ultra comes with a 200MP resolution sensor, which is a groundbreaking innovation in the industry. This massive resolution gives content creators and photography enthusiasts visuals that make real-world details almost tangible. In addition, artificial intelligence-supported camera software automatically optimizes each shot, ensuring you get perfect results. Thus, each frame turns into a professional work of art.

Night time video shooting is a challenge for many users, but with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra it is no longer a problem. Thanks to the 5x optical zoom feature and advanced night mode, you can record incredibly clear and detailed videos even in dark environments. Ultra's stunning features include everything you need to capture the night sky or city flawlessly.

Even on the brightest days, the bright 2600 nits display ensures the Galaxy S24 Ultra delivers the best mobile display performance. This means your screen will remain clear and readable even in bright outdoor conditions. Whether you're engaging in entertainment, gaming or important work, the flagship display of the Galaxy S24 Ultra will not shy away from providing you with an uninterrupted and high-end visual experience. Stylish, powerful and dazzling, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra stands out as a device that pushes the boundaries by combining technology with art.

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Danish Kapoor