Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Spotify started testing video lessons

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Once upon a time, one went to one platform to listen to music and another for education. However, many companies are now trying to operate in many areas to survive. Spotify recently joined this group. It will now be possible to find video lessons as well as music, podcasts and audiobooks on the platform.

For this new feature, the company has collaborated with BBC Maestro, PLAYvirtuoso, Thinkific Labs Inc. and is collaborating with a number of organizations, including Skillshare. Within the framework of this collaboration, users are offered content in four areas: making music, being creative, learning business and healthy living.

The statement from Spotify includes the following statements: “With this offer, we are exploring a potential opportunity to offer educational creators a new audience that can access their video content, reaching a greater potential of Spotify users while expanding our catalog.”

The platform states that about half of users are “interested” in self-help or educational podcasts.

Test courses are currently only available to users in the UK. Free and premium subscribers will receive at least two free lessons per course. Prices for the course series range from £20 to £80, regardless of one's subscription level. Users can access them from mobile or desktop computers. It's worth noting that exact pricing and availability may change if the feature moves past the testing phase.

Spotify steps up on video expansion

It would not be wrong to say that Spotify is gaining momentum in its video expansion. A while ago, the platform started testing music videos in certain countries under the beta label.

Danish Kapoor