Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Battery Health menu added to new iPad Pro and iPad Air models

Apple has released an important update for the iPad Pro and iPad Air models it announced last week. This update includes a new “Battery Health” menu that will help extend the battery life of devices. Now users will be able to access battery health data through iPad settings and make the necessary adjustments to make the battery last longer.

New Battery Health menu for the newest iPad users

The new menu is located under iPad settings and users Settings > Battery > Battery Health You can reach it by following the path. Here, users can find out the battery's charge cycle count, production date, and first charge date. Also, this menu comes with iPadOS 17.5, but older iPad models do not support this feature.

According to MacRumors, this new feature is very similar to the settings introduced with the iPhone 15. Users will now be able to prevent their devices from charging more than 80 percent, which is seen as a method that will extend the life of the battery. This feature is of great importance, especially for devices that are in intensive use.

MacBook users have had a similar “Optimized Battery Charging” manager for years. This feature helps prevent devices from constantly charging to full capacity. Since working from home has become commonplace, many users tend to keep their laptops plugged in at all times. Now, iPad users will also meet a similar management.

iPad models are becoming increasingly similar to MacBooks in appearance and functionality. This similarity further strengthens Apple's integration between iPad and MacBook. Thanks to the adaptive charging feature, iPads will now be able to maintain their high performance for longer periods of time.

This innovation from Apple will both please existing iPad users and help attract new users. This strategic move of the company shows that it continues to offer technological innovations by prioritizing user experience. In the long term, such features are expected to be integrated into all Apple devices.

This update is expected to be a turning point for users who are especially sensitive about battery life. Apple aims to reinforce its market leadership by providing tools that will enable its users to use their devices more efficiently and effectively. This is proof of how Apple can advance innovation and user satisfaction together in the technology world.

Danish Kapoor