Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Vodafone celebrates the first week of the Volleyball Nations League with a GB gift

Vodafone, which has signed the highest and most comprehensive sponsorship agreement for women's volleyball in the world and women's sports in Turkey, is giving away 5 GB of internet to its customers every day between 15-19 May for the 2024 Volleyball Nations League, the first week of which is held in Antalya.

Vodafone subscribers can get their gift GB by clicking on the 'Gift' story in the 'Yanımda' application and receive 5 GB per day, 25 GB in total.


The first week matches of the Women's Volleyball Nations League will end on May 19. Vodafone subscribers will be able to receive a 5 GB internet gift valid for one day every day until May 19.

Meltem Bakiler Şahin, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of Vodafone Turkey, made the following statements on the subject: “We are proud to give our logo and name to our National Women's Volleyball Team in the Volleyball Nations League, one of the important tournaments of the volleyball world. As Vodafone, we are a big family with our 25 million customers and we stand by the Sultans of the Net with this big family. So that all Vodafone users can follow all the matches with peace of mind and share their support and enthusiasm to the fullest, 5 GB per day, 25 GB in total, are waiting for our customers at Vodafone Yanında for the Antalya leg of the Volleyball Nations League. As Vodafone, we will continue to contribute to increasing the awareness of Turkish women's volleyball in the world and in Turkey.”

Vodafone also provides technological infrastructure for the Volleyball Nations League

Vodafone and Volleyball Nations League are also signing a technological cooperation within the scope of the first week matches held in Antalya. Within the framework of the cooperation, the latest technologies are used to follow the statistics of each match, scores and performances. The statistics, which will be instantly and uninterruptedly transmitted to broadcasters around the world over Vodafone's powerful 5G network for the first time in Turkey, will provide real-time data to fans and provide an unprecedented viewing experience.

Danish Kapoor