Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Snapchat will create Bitmoji of pets with artificial intelligence

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Snapchat added a new one to its artificial intelligence-based features. Users will now be able to create Bitmoji of their pets with the help of artificial intelligence. For this, a photo of the pet will be taken and then artificial intelligence will do the job. Bitmoji of animals will accompany Bitmoji of their owners on Snap Map.

According to the screenshots shared by the company, it seems that users will be able to choose between several different variations of the images created by artificial intelligence after sharing a photo of their pet.

This means far less customization than what you can do with your own human-inspired Bitmoji. But it also makes it possible for users to create something that looks like their real pet. It remains unclear when Snap will offer the ability to add accessories for animal Bitmojis.

This addition can also be considered the latest example of how Snap is embracing artificial intelligence features in its subscription package. Since Snapchat+ launched in 2022, the company has used the premium service to trial generative AI features, including the MyAI assistant as well as camera-powered features like Dreams and AI-generated snaps. The company announced in December that Snapchat+ had more than 7 million subscribers.

Snapchat paves the way for longer videos

Snap also offers some innovations for its users who are not members of the subscription service. The app adds a new template feature to make editing clips easier, and new swipe-based gestures to send and edit snaps faster. Snapchat will also support longer video uploads for Stories and Spotlight. While in-app snaps can now be three minutes long, the app will also allow uploads of up to five minutes.

Danish Kapoor