Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Samsung and Google are working together on new artificial intelligence features

Samsung and Google have been working very closely for a long time. This close cooperation between the two companies is getting stronger with artificial intelligence. Google's Circle to Search feature was first introduced with Samsung's Galaxy S24 series in January and was later added to Google's Pixel series phones. The two companies worked more closely to increase the number of AI-focused features. The announcement of this collaboration was also made via X done.

As can be seen from posts shared on X by both the official Samsung Mobile account and Google's Senior Vice President of Platforms and Devices Rick Osterloh, the companies are working together to develop new AI features for their respective smartphones running Android. It is also possible to see Samsung President TM Roh in Osterloh's post.

Osterloh stated that the partnership between Samsung and Google has “never been stronger” and that they are excited about their collaboration on artificial intelligence and the many opportunities that await both companies.

Samsung and Google promise “exciting things”

Samsung said the two companies were working “towards a shared vision of delivering the best Android ecosystem of products and services” and noted that “exciting things” were coming for the “future of AI-powered Android and Galaxy experiences.”

Obviously, in the future, there will be many more artificial intelligence features on Samsung and Google devices developed in partnership with the two giants. Although no timetable is given for the implementation of this road map, it can be said that we have an exciting period ahead of us.

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Danish Kapoor