Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

YouTube is testing showing ads when video is paused

YouTube users are increasingly voicing their discomfort with the intense advertising display on the platform. However, these objections do not seem to have much effect on Google's side. The company is testing a new method of displaying ads on YouTube.

As part of this test, ads are shown on the screen when videos are paused on YouTube. Speaking at the meeting where Alphabet's latest financial report was evaluated, Google's Philipp Schindler stated that they achieved positive results in the tests and used the following statements: “In the first quarter, a new uninterrupted advertising format that appears when users pause their organic content, on connected TVs “We've seen great interest from the launch of the ad pausing pilot.”

Schindler added that YouTube's pause ads “deliver powerful brand lift results” and “demand premium pricing from advertisers.”

Google seems pleased with the initial performance of pause ads on YouTube. This increases the likelihood that more users will see ads in this format after the current testing period is completed and the necessary data is collected.

YouTube started testing the new ad format in certain regions last year. In the statement made by the company at that time, it was stated that the paused video would be minimized and an ad would be shown next to it.

YouTube will first implement the new ad format on TVs

Schindler did not provide any information about when the new format will be rolled out across YouTube. However, it is known that the company will broadcast this format on smart TVs first. Duration, passability and other details remain unclear. It is currently unknown whether these ads will be offered in YouTube's mobile applications.

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Danish Kapoor