Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Apple's new iPads may initially be out of stock due to Samsung

Apple is preparing to launch its new flagship iPads next month. The company will introduce new iPad Pro models with OLED screens at the launch event to be held on May 7. However, one of these devices is expected to be scarce due to production issues caused by Samsung.

Among the iPad Pros, which are planned to be offered in two different versions, the 11-inch model will use OLED panels produced by LG Display and Samsung Display, while the 12.9-inch model will use OLED panels produced only by LG Display. According to industry insidersShipments of the 12.9-inch OLED iPad Pro will be higher than the 11-inch model.

Samsung challenges in OLED display production

Ross Young suggests that Samsung is experiencing technical difficulties in the production of 11-inch OLED panels and this will continue throughout May. This may negatively impact the availability of the upcoming iPad Pro. Additionally, drivers included in iPadOS 17.5 indicate that upcoming iPad Pro models use display panels made by LG and Samsung.

According to previous reports, Apple's upcoming iPad Pro models use an entirely new type of OLED panel. This panel is called a two-layer tandem OLED panel, which has two emission layers. Such a panel offers advantages such as longer life, higher brightness and less chance of pixel burn-in.

The use of OLED panels with new technology significantly improves the screen quality of iPad Pros. But Samsung's manufacturing difficulties could complicate the launch of these new products. This can be a huge disappointment, especially for tech enthusiasts and professionals.

Such technical difficulties between Apple and Samsung present significant challenges for both companies. Such disruptions in production processes highlight the fragility of global supply chains and the potential delays in bringing technology products to market.

This situation can create significant obstacles to consumers' access to new technologies. Especially in this period when new technologies are rapidly evolving, disruptions in production processes can play a decisive role in the timing of the launch of devices. It is a matter of curiosity how Apple will solve this problem.

As a result, while Apple's new iPad Pro series continues to meet industry innovations and technology enthusiasts' expectations, Samsung's production problems may overshadow this process. This stands out as a situation that should be taken into consideration for both consumers and companies.

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