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Danish Kapoor

Advertising period begins in Windows 11 Start menu

Microsoft has been at the center of discussions in the technology world with its recent decisions. One of these decisions was the integration of ads into the Start menu in the latest operating system, Windows 11. Placing ads in the user interface, which is an extremely sensitive issue, made Microsoft the target of criticism. However, the company seems to insist on this new application.

The KB5036980 update, which will be available to everyone as of this week, will cause users to see advertisements for various services and applications in the “recommended” section of the Start menu. This new move by Microsoft is considered a change that will directly affect the user experience. However, the company states that ads can be disabled in Personalization settings to calm users' concerns. Ads will still be on by default, though.

Regarding this new advertising strategy, Microsoft had previously taken a similar approach for Windows 10 users. Windows 10 users were informed that support for the operating system would end on October 14, 2025, and that security updates would be paid after this date. With this move, the company aims to encourage users to switch to Windows 11. However, Microsoft announced that it will offer Extended Security Updates to Windows 10 users, taking into account the possible problems that may be encountered during the transition process.

Extended security updates and pricing

Extended Security Updates for Windows 10 users are priced at $61 for the first year, $122 for the second year, and $244 for the third year. These prices were determined for Microsoft's corporate customers. The company may offer different plans for individual users and small businesses.

It is obvious that this strategy is a thoughtful move to encourage Windows 10 users to switch to Windows 11. However, switching to the new operating system may not be possible for every user. The solutions offered by Microsoft for these situations enable users to keep their operating systems up to date and minimize security risks.

As a result, Microsoft's decision to add ads to the Windows 11 start menu is seen as a move that directly affects the user experience. However, the company offers the option to disable ads to ease users' concerns. Time will tell how this new change will contribute to the Windows ecosystem.

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Danish Kapoor