Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Samsung Galaxy Buds Series receives artificial intelligence-supported update

With its latest update to the Galaxy Buds series, Samsung is delivering on its promise to offer its users an even smarter and more immersive audio experience. This innovative update takes a big step forward in overcoming language barriers and facilitating intercultural communication by offering AI-powered translation features on Galaxy Buds and Galaxy S24 series devices. Promising users a seamless connection and a crystal clear audio experience between devices within the Samsung ecosystem, this update is equipped with features such as real-time translation, Auracast, 360 Audio and Auto Switching.

The Galaxy S24 series incorporates the latest innovations of the Galaxy AI platform, offering new ways to facilitate intercultural communication by overcoming language barriers. The artificial intelligence-supported features in these devices allow users to overcome language barriers safely and effectively. The latest update to the Galaxy Buds series takes these smart features one step further, not only providing users with an unparalleled audio experience but also seamlessly integrating with other devices within the Samsung ecosystem.

These updates to Galaxy Buds not only place users at the center of an audio experience, but also move them to a point at the heart of the Samsung ecosystem. Thanks to this integration, the advanced, useful and smart features offered by the Galaxy Buds headphones, which are compatible with the Galaxy S24 Series, Samsung TVs and other devices, enable users to interact more harmoniously with the world around them.

The real-time translation features of the Galaxy Buds and S24 series enable users to communicate seamlessly with anyone around the world. The Voice Translator feature significantly improves communication by providing real-time translation. When paired with Galaxy Buds headphones, this feature optimizes the service by separating sounds during conversations, allowing you to focus more on conversations. Instead of passing the device from hand to hand, it is now possible to easily change the speaking order by touching the headphones, making dialogues more fluid and effective.

Samsung Galaxy Buds connects seamlessly with the Samsung ecosystem

The updates offered to Galaxy Buds not only enable users to experience a richer and more immersive audio experience between Samsung devices, but also enable seamless connections between these devices. With Auracast support, Galaxy Buds can be made compatible with Samsung Smart TVs and other devices, working like a common radio station that can transmit sound to multiple Buds headphones. This gives users a cinema-like audio experience in their homes.

The 360 ​​Audio feature places the user in an environment where sound comes from all directions, while the Auto Switch feature allows users to automatically forward an incoming call to the Galaxy phone while watching Samsung TV and restore the connection when the call ends. These innovations allow users to enjoy premium audio features on their Samsung devices.

Latest updates to Galaxy AI features and enhanced connectivity capabilities will be rolled out gradually to Galaxy Buds2 Pro, Buds2 and Buds FE starting from the end of February, with this new software update allowing users to enjoy best-in-class, smart and seamless connectivity anytime, anywhere and in any connectivity situation. It was designed to provide audio experiences transmitted via connection. The latest update to the Galaxy Buds series stands out as an important step in facilitating intercultural communication, improving sound quality and providing a seamless experience within the Samsung ecosystem.

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Danish Kapoor