Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

New text formatting options added to WhatsApp

WhatsApp has added four new text formatting options to help users communicate more effectively. Starting Wednesday, WhatsApp users can highlight and organize their messages using bulleted and numbered lists, block quotes and inline code, making large blocks of text easier to read.

These new formatting options have been in development for a while, but are now available in WhatsApp for Android, iOS, Web, and Mac, with support for Channels. These new options join the bold, italic, strikethrough and monospace formats already available to all WhatsApp users.

Using new text formatting in WhatsApp

Here’s a practical guide on how you can implement these new formats in WhatsApp using markdown-style syntax directly within a message:

  • Bulleted Lists: As the name suggests, you can now separate information in your messages with bullet points, like shopping lists. Leave a space after placing a “-” symbol at the beginning of the text.
  • Numbered Lists: Another list format you can use when you need to write something in a specific order, such as instructions. To use this format, add a period and a complete space after a one- or two-digit number; for example, “1. ” like.
  • Block Quotes: Users can use block quote text to highlight and make text stand out in longer messages. To use this format, type a “>” symbol followed by a space before the text you want to highlight.
  • Inline Code: In addition to being a useful format for coders, it is also a good way to highlight certain information in your text. To use this format, users must surround their text with the “” symbol; for example “like this”.

These new text formatting options of WhatsApp offer great convenience to users in providing clarity and order in communication. Now users can present their messages in a more organized manner, highlight important information, and experience an overall richer text experience. These features will allow users to convey their messages more effectively, especially in communications containing long messages and technical details.

Danish Kapoor