Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

iPhone 16 Pro will come with a glossy titanium frame

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Apple introduced the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max to users with a brushed titanium frame. According to a new rumor, titanium frames will be preferred in the iPhone 16 Pro models. However, this frame will have a glossy look, not a brushed one.

The post on the subject was made by the whistleblower with the nickname “yeux1122” on the South Korean platform Naver. It is also worth noting that the information of the site and the whistleblower is generally correct. The news stated that Apple will achieve the shiny titanium frame through advanced materials and color processing.

According to the news, the frame of the new Pro iPhones will not be made of a completely scratch-resistant material. While this may be disappointing for some users, it won't affect their purchasing decisions much.

The claim that Apple will offer its new Pro models in Space Black and Rose color options, as well as white and grey, has recently come to the fore.

iPhone 16 Pro will come with functional changes

The Cupertino-based company can offer its phones with both a brighter case and functional changes. It is also expected that Apple will thin the frame. In addition, it is said that the placement of the cameras may also be rearranged for thermal adjustments required by the larger battery.

It is worth noting that all of these rumors about the iPhone 16 Pro are at the gossip stage. It will not be a surprise if more realistic information about the phone comes to light in the coming months. It is almost certain that Apple will introduce its new iPhones in September.

Danish Kapoor