Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Apple will offer 2nm chips in iPhone models before Samsung

Apple continues its innovations in the field of mobile technology without slowing down. The 2 nanometer (nm) fabrication process developed by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) will be ready for mass production in 2025. This development will be used for the first time in Apple's iPhone 17 Pro series.

Next generation chips in production soon

According to the new news from Digitimes, TSMC's 2nm fabrication process is progressing as planned. The company is expected to begin small-scale production on N2 technology towards the end of this year. This will enable Apple to equip 2nm processors for its iPhone 17 Pro series devices.

It is known that Samsung Foundry is also working on SF2, which has a similar fabrication process. This technology, which will be ready by 2025, will also be used for Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8 Gen 5 chips. In addition, this process is expected to be used in the Exynos chipset, the flagship of that year.

However, Apple's iPhone 17 Pro series will surpass Samsung in the use of 2nm chips, as it will be released before Samsung's Galaxy S26 series. This will allow Apple to gain a significant advantage in the market. The close collaboration with TSMC allows Apple to remain a continued leader in chip technology.

This technological breakthrough promises significant improvements in both performance and energy efficiency. 2nm chip technology will enable devices to be used longer with less energy consumption and higher processing capacity. This stands out as a development that will significantly improve the user experience.

In the coming years, these next-generation chips are expected to become standard in mobile devices. Apple's pioneering steps in this field may lead other technology companies to make similar investments. Thus, a sector-wide transformation process will begin.

As a result, the collaboration between Apple and TSMC seems to have a great impact in the technology world.

Danish Kapoor