Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Console-like experience is now possible for USB-C phones with Razer Kishi Ultra

Razer launched its new game controller, Kishi Ultra, abroad, which redefines the mobile gaming experience. This device supports iPhone 15 series and most Android smartphones thanks to its USB-C port. It can also work compatible with foldable devices such as Galaxy Z Fold 5.

Kishi Ultra is also compatible with 8-inch Android tablets and iPad Mini. This controller, which also has the ability to connect to a PC, draws attention with its versatility. This new product from Razer stands out with its ability to work with multiple devices.

Razer Kishi Ultra, redefining the haptic vibration experience

Razer's Sensa HD haptic vibration technology is one of the most notable features of the Kishi Ultra. This technology can convert the sounds it receives from games, movies or music into haptic feedback. Thus, users can feel the sound as a physical experience.

Kishi Ultra is Razer's first commercially available Sensa haptic vibration supported product. However, this vibration-based experience is currently only compatible with Android 12 or higher operating systems and Windows 11. For iOS, this feature is not yet supported.

The product is also equipped with a small pair of Chroma RGB lights located just below the joysticks. These lights make your gaming experience even more colorful. These aesthetic touches of Kishi Ultra take the user experience to the next level.

To use the Kishi Ultra, the Razer Nexus application must be downloaded. This app is available for iOS and Android and can launch mobile games. It has integration with Apple Arcade, Xbox Game Pass and Google Play Store.

Additionally, Razer has also updated another more affordable model, the Kishi V2. This new model is equipped with a USB-C port for iPhone 15 and Android and also offers wired gaming support with a PC.

Both the Razer Kishi Ultra and Kishi V2 USB-C are available in stores and online now. The prices of these products are set at $150 and $99, respectively. Razer aims to take the mobile gaming experience even further with these new controllers, so users can play anywhere with advanced technology.

Danish Kapoor