Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Wireless charging via NFC may be possible with Android 15

An important innovation in Android operating systems may come to the fore very soon. Introduced by the NFC Forum in May 2020, NFC Wireless Charging stood out as a standard that offers wireless charging via near field communication (NFC). This standard offers 1W power transfer up to a distance of 2 cm.

This technology could be very useful for small devices that provide data transfer for NFC but do not have enough space for dedicated wireless charging solutions. In particular, devices such as wireless headphones, location trackers and digital pens can benefit from this innovation. However, no device offering this feature has been released yet; The main reason for this may be that no platform supports this feature yet.

Wireless charging support with Android 15 and NFC is on the way

According to the news from Mishaal Rahman from Android Authority, there is a class called 'NfcCharging' in the system application that manages NFC-related tasks in Android 15 Beta 1p. This suggests that Google is working on adding support for wireless charging via NFC in Android 15. If Google offers this feature in the stable version of Android 15 and Samsung enables this feature on its devices, this may bring new usage scenarios.

If Samsung enables this technology in Galaxy phones or tablets, for example, a Galaxy phone or tablet can charge the Galaxy Buds or Galaxy SmartTag via NFC. However, current Galaxy SmartTag models do not include a rechargeable battery. That's why Samsung cannot offer this feature in its current SmartTag models.

However, if Samsung releases a SmartTag model with a rechargeable battery in the future, this technology may make it possible to charge that SmartTag. Additionally, Galaxy smartphones/tablets that do not have wireless charging may become capable of charging Galaxy Buds or Galaxy Watches. This development will be an indicator of how NFC technology can transform the field of wireless charging.

Implementing this technology can provide great convenience, especially for users who are looking for practical solutions that do not take up space. NFC wireless charging can make users' inter-device interaction more efficient and seamless, thus making technology an even more integrated way of life.

Danish Kapoor