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Danish Kapoor

Google announced new features for Android and Wear OS devices

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Google attracted attention at the MWC 2024 event with the announcement of a number of new features for Android phones, tablets and Wear OS devices. These innovations include an artificial intelligence (AI) feature in Android Auto that summarizes long text messages or noisy group chats. As the rise of AI continues in the technology world, Google’s latest Android features also get their share of this trend.

Although Google states that new features will begin to be distributed immediately, Android users know that it may take some time for an update to reach your device. It is beneficial to be patient in this process.

Here are some of the features coming soon to your Android device:

Google’s AI Model Gemini and its GPT-4 alternative

Google offers an alternative solution to GPT-4 with its generative AI model called Gemini. Integrating text, image, video and voice, Gemini allows you to communicate as if you were talking to a friend in the Google Messages application. You can use Gemini for functions like drafting new messages, generating ideas, planning events, or chatting with AI. The Gemini app in Messages, which will be available in beta in English, makes it easier for users to interact with AI without having to go to a separate website or launch a separate app.

Android’s availability is increasing. Another AI feature that could be a breakthrough for visually impaired users, when available on your Android device, allows you to listen to AI-generated captions for images included in photos, online images, and messages. This feature is initially available globally in English, but Google is expected to roll out this feature in other languages ​​over time.

Google Maps will read business information out loud. Google Maps and Lens are expected to become more functional together. Google is adding a feature that lets you point your phone’s camera at an object and let TalkBack read information about the location. This new feature will also be useful for users without low vision who want to quickly get information about business hours, ratings or directions.

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The ability to provide handwritten feedback in Google Docs comes with a feature that allows you to suggest changes and give feedback using handwritten notes directly from your Android phone or tablet. According to Google, you can use your finger or a stylus for this function, which means pointing isn’t just limited to devices like the latest Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. Different pen colors and highlighters allow you to add personalized feedback to a document.

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There are also health and wellness improvements. Google is improving the redesigned Fitbit app through Health Connect, creating a more integrated health app by adding data from your other wearable devices and apps like AllTrails, Oura Ring, and MyFitnessPal. These improvements allow you to view data from connected apps along with your Fitbit data by visiting the You tab in the Fitbit app on your Android phone. This works similarly to Apple’s Health app on the iPhone and is welcomed as a welcome addition to Fitbit and Google’s health tracking features.

Danish Kapoor