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Danish Kapoor

Green Galaxy S22 is on sale at A101 with an advantage of 7,000 TL

Samsung Galaxy S22, one of Samsung's 2022 model flagship phones, can be a good choice even today with its ongoing update support, bright and high-quality screen and high-resolution rear camera. Moreover, this phone of A101 with 128 GB storage For a price of 20.999 TL selling makes it more attractive. The same product is available in Samsung's official online store With a price tag of 27.999 TL is being sold. Moreover, the green color is not available in the official store.

Samsung Galaxy S22 features

Samsung's latest wonder, Galaxy S22, is not just a smartphone, but also a device that pushes the limits of technological innovation. This new generation smartphone revolutionizes night shooting with the motto “You write the rules in the dark.” Equipped with the most powerful camera technology, Galaxy S22 collects more light thanks to its advanced sensors and minimizes lens flare with Super Transparent Lenses. Artificial intelligence support guarantees accurate focus in all conditions, thus allowing you to take clear and bright photos even in the dark.

The Galaxy S22 series is also taking confident steps in video recording. The optical image stabilizer (OIS) correction angle has been improved by 58%, allowing you to shoot smooth and clear videos even while on the move. Thanks to the Super HDR feature, it becomes possible for colors to appear vivid and natural in every frame you take. These features are perfect for those who want to immortalize your special moments with all their details.

Galaxy S22's display technology takes the outdoor usage experience to a whole new level. The device, which defeats sunlight with its Vision Booster feature, offers high visibility even outside thanks to its Dynamic AMOLED 2X screen. This bright and clear screen allows you to view your content easily even on the sunniest days. This advanced screen technology makes the Galaxy S22 an ideal choice for users who spend frequent time outdoors.

Integrated with Google Duo, Galaxy S22 takes communication to a new dimension. From watching movies together to high-quality live broadcasts, it's easy to catch up with loved ones far away with this feature. Offering the opportunity to connect up to 32 people at the same time, Google Duo becomes an indispensable tool for those who want to share every moment. With this feature, Galaxy S22 enriches social experiences and offers its users much more than just a phone call.

Finally, the 4nm-based Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, which powers the Galaxy S22, is the fastest and most powerful processor to date. This means users will experience not only a faster CPU and GPU, but also a revolutionary leap in smartphone technology. The phone also has 128 GB internal memory. With its fast charging feature and long battery life, Galaxy S22 makes your life easier by providing uninterrupted use all day long and promises to be a supporter that will always be with you. Galaxy S22 exceeds the expectations of technology enthusiasts and redefines the smartphone experience.

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