Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

What does artificial intelligence provide to students and employees?

In this month's episode of the “Technology Conversations with PlusClouds” program, we discussed the effects of artificial intelligence on our daily life, professional life and education world. In this comprehensive conversation with Teknoblog's Editor-in-Chief Sabri Küstür and PlusClouds CEO Harun Barış Bulut, the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence, possible future scenarios and what awaits us were talked about.

Artificial intelligence is creating a revolution in both education and professional fields. The training started by talking about the contributions of artificial intelligence technologies to students. It was discussed that tools such as ChatGPT are offered to students free of charge, that information becomes easily accessible, and how it affects the way students prepare for classes and extracurricular activities. It was emphasized that technology both facilitates students' access to existing information and transforms their learning methods.

In addition, it was also mentioned what difference artificial intelligence makes in professional life. By giving examples from various professional groups, it was talked about how artificial intelligence provides increased productivity in the business world, automating business processes and thus increasing business efficiency. The conveniences provided by artificial intelligence technologies to lawyers, doctors and software developers were detailed. It focused on how artificial intelligence can be used in a wide range of areas, from artificial intelligence-supported legal consultancy to medical diagnoses, from application development to system management, and how it can make our lives easier.

The ways we work with artificial intelligence are also undergoing a major transformation. Artificial intelligence now comes to the fore not only in accessing information, but also in processing and applying this information. The examples presented show that even in the field of software, people without coding knowledge can develop their own projects thanks to artificial intelligence-supported tools. Thus, it is stated that our profession definitions and working methods will change in the future and artificial intelligence will play a critical role in this transformation.

However, such rapid development of technology also brings with it some concerns. On the one hand, the hyperincrease in artificial intelligence, and on the other hand, discussions on how to control the possible negative effects of this technology continue. Opinions are expressed that states and companies should make regulations and set ethical rules in order to keep up with the pace of development of technology. In other words, while making the best use of the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence, precautions need to be taken against possible risks.

The topics discussed in this episode of technology conversations reveal the transformation that artificial intelligence has brought to our lives. It offers an in-depth look at how artificial intelligence technologies lead to a transformation, especially in the education and business worlds, the opportunities offered and the challenges encountered. It is both exciting and thought-provoking to see that the technology of the future is starting to take shape today. It reminds us that while using the opportunities brought by technology in the most efficient way, it is also necessary to adopt an ethical and sustainable approach.

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Danish Kapoor