Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

A professional powerhouse with Philips 49B2U6900CH monitor, webcam and Smart KVM

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The new Philips 49B2U6900CH monitor turns into a professional powerhouse thanks to its auto-framing webcam and Smart KVM. This monitor redefines never before entered boundaries in the Philips B2B portfolio.

The Philips 49B2U6900CH brings with it many new features to increase collaboration and aid teamwork in the modern digital workplace. In addition to these new features, the Philips 49B2U6900CH has a large, 48.8-inch (124 cm) display and 5120 x 1440 Double QHD resolution for extra-wide viewing. Additionally, thanks to its high-quality installation, there is no need for two separate monitors.

Made for the professional business environment

Perhaps the most powerful and useful features of the Philips 49B2U6900CH model are those related to the professional working environment, and it would be appropriate to say that the model was produced for this environment. With features like automatic framing and an adjustable webcam with noise-cancelling microphone and Busylight, this monitor makes working with teammates around the world much easier. Having all three features mentioned above, the Philips 49B2U6900CH can automatically adjust the webcam to fit all team members on the screen during conference calls. It also goes without saying that the webcam can be adjusted 30 degrees forward and backward so that professionals of different heights can comfortably fit into the viewing area.

In addition to these powerful, professional features, the Philips 49B2U6900CH’s Busylight feature helps communicate with professionals working in the same office.
is happening. Busylight on the webcam displays operating status
It was designed to be transmitted. For example, when one of your colleagues is on a call
Busylight will automatically turn red. In another scenario,
at the bottom left of the monitor frame when users are busy
They can press the Busylight hotkey and the light turns red. Moreover
It is also important to note that professionals can change their Microsoft Teams status to new
They can also synchronize with the Philips 49B2U6900CH Busylight feature.

More efficiency with Smart KVM

Apart from being well equipped for the work environment, the Philips 49B2U6900CH
It has also been made suitable for many tasks. For example, if this monitor is new
One of its features highlights improved efficiency: Smart KVM.
Pros can navigate between sources by simply pressing the “Ctrl” key three times.
can easily switch between two personal devices with a single set of peripherals.
without wasting time between OSD menus while controlling the computer
user experience is improved. Additionally, the monitor’s USB-C connection
users can connect external devices via USB with power supply up to 100W.
It allows easy charging and video/data transmission with a single cable.
Also Philips 49B2U6900CH, headphones built into the frame of the monitor
It offers more comfort with its strap. At the end of the workday or just
While taking a break, professionals can pull the strap and hang their headphones neatly.

Additional features of Philips 49B2U6900CH

Philips will dive deeper into the treasure trove of features of the 49B2U6900CH
However, there are other features that make this monitor shine. These
Offering an immersive yet high-quality viewing experience between
It has a curved screen and VESA DisplayHDR 400 certification. To these
Additionally, the Philips 49B2U6900CH model has Low Blue Mode, Flicker-Free
technology and height for a comfortable viewing experience from any angle.
It also has an adjustable stand.

Philips 49B2U6900CH monitor, from February 1559 incl. VAT
It is offered for sale at the manufacturer’s recommended retail price in USD.

Danish Kapoor