Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Apple will solve the iPhone alarm problem

Apple announced that it is working to fix the issue that caused some iPhone users' alarms to go silent. This problem was noticed after many users complained about the alarm not ringing on social media. Many users have noted that even alarms created with old settings experience this problem.

iPhone alarm problem and solution suggestions

It's not yet clear how widespread the issue is, but affected users are advised to review some of their settings. One of these is to control the ringtone and alert volume from the “Settings > Sound and Haptics” menu. Turning off the ability to change the volume with physical keys can prevent accidental muting of the alarm volume.

TikTok users also recommend turning off “Attention Awareness Features” under “Settings > Face ID & Passcode”. This feature offers functions like expanding notifications when the screen is locked, but can also mute the sound when looking at the screen while the alarm is sounding. It can mute the alarm when you leave the phone facing you and see the screen while half awake.

Many users prefer these types of alarm problems to the shrill sound of traditional alarm clocks or the low-quality speakers of music clocks. This problem shakes the trust in the alarm feature of smartphones. The alarm not ringing becomes a big problem, especially for those who cannot wake up on time in the morning.

This isn't the first time an alarm issue has been encountered on iOS; In 2015, a similar problem was solved by Apple with an update. This problem can also be experienced on other devices, but one of the most important problems for users is that the alarm, which is one of the basic functions of smartphones, does not work.

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Danish Kapoor