Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

ChatGPT increases privacy with “Ad-hoc Chat” feature

ChatGPT, the popular chat bot developed by OpenAI, has introduced a new feature that improves user privacy. activated. This innovation, called “Ad-hoc Chat”, makes it possible to start chats for which no records are kept and whose contents are not used in training ChatGPT's large language model.

The “Temporary Chat” feature, announced with an official post, allows users to have private conversations that are not visible in past conversation data and do not play a role in the development of ChatGPT. In this way, a more secure environment is provided when sensitive or personal information needs to be shared.

Additionally, ChatGPT can now access users' chat histories regardless of model development training setting. This feature is currently active in the web version and will be integrated into the mobile application later.

ChatGPT's “Memory” feature is becoming widespread

In addition to the “Temporary Chat” feature, the “memory” feature, another remarkable innovation of ChatGPT, was recently opened to almost all “Plus” subscribers. Except for Europe and South Korea, all “ChatGPT Plus” users can now save the information they want in the chat bot's memory.

This feature, which was previously offered to certain people, allows ChatGPT to respond to new conversations by taking into account previously recorded information. This increases the speed and efficiency of mutual communication. It provides great convenience, especially for people who use the chat bot frequently and have to constantly remind them of certain topics or situations.

OpenAI emphasizes that the control of the memory feature is entirely with the user. Users can clearly tell ChatGPT what they need to remember, query what is in the bot's memory, and have the opportunity to delete the provided information whenever they want. Additionally, this feature can be disabled completely if desired.

ChatGPT's “Temporary Chat” and “Memory” features increase user privacy and control, making the chat experience more secure and personalized. These innovations stand out as important steps in the development of artificial intelligence-supported chat technologies.

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Danish Kapoor