Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Official statement came from X for the smart TV application

X made the official announcement of the smart television application it developed for those who want to watch videos. Although it has been announced that the application has been developed, no information has been given yet about its release date. from x in the statement It was stated that the application, named X TV, is aimed to be “the go-to companion for a high-quality and immersive entertainment experience on a larger screen.”

X CEO Linda Yaccarino promises real-time content and broad availability for the new app promises. However, other details remain unclear. X executives, who do not mention artificial intelligence as the “hot” concept of the technology world, also boast about “effortless image transfer” from mobile device to TV. It is worth noting that the statement made by X is generally far from concrete information and full of fancy expressions.

When Twitter's name was changed to X, the company promised that soon everything would be powered by artificial intelligence. Although X created the AI-based chatbot Grok, it did not offer the most capable solution in the field. In addition, Grok is not expected to strengthen the platform in the short term. Although Elon Musk promised that X would be a payment and banking platform, this promise has not yet become a reality. It's worth noting that X's employment tool didn't work very well either.

There are many uncertainties ahead of the X TV application

It should be said that there are many uncertainties ahead of X's TV application. It is not known whether this application will be a real TV application or a phone application that projects the image to the TV. It remains unclear how much impact artificial intelligence will have in practice. It is also unknown how personalized the search experience will be.

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Danish Kapoor