Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Spotify: Apple is blocking the update of our iPhone app in the EU

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Following Spotify’s long-standing complaints, the European Union fined Apple 1.87 billion euros due to App Store rules. Spotify claims that despite this penalty, Apple is trying to block updates published in accordance with the decision.

In the e-mail sent by the company to the European Commission, it is stated that information about subscription prices was added to the application, but Apple neither accepted this update nor responded to Spotify. Spotify emphasizes that Apple’s attitude prevents both the fixing of existing problems and the addition of new features.

Spotify rolled out an update to Apple on March 5 that places price information for different subscription options directly into the EU version of its app, along with links to Spotify’s website, without using Apple’s payment system. The company made the change in response to a European Commission ruling that said Apple’s anti-referral rules were “unlawful” and ordered Apple to start allowing developers to include information about “alternative and cheaper music subscription services.”

While announcing that it would object to the European Union’s decision on March 4, Apple shared a list saying “The values ​​Apple has created for Spotify without asking for any compensation.” One of the items on the list read: “Our App Review team has reviewed and approved version 421 of the Spotify app (usually with same-day response) and often expedites reviews at Spotify’s request.”

In the e-mail sent by Spotify to the European Commission, it is stated that there has been no response from Apple since the update was delivered.

Spotify urges European Commission to contact Apple

The company claims this is “another example of how Apple, if left unchecked, will attempt to circumvent and/or not comply with the Commission decision.” It also calls on the European Commission to contact Apple and demand that it approve Spotify’s changes. “Given Apple’s track record; “Spotify is concerned that Apple’s delay is intentional and intended to delay or completely prevent compliance.”

Spotify’s statement to The Verge is as follows: “It’s been nine days and we’re still waiting to hear from Apple about our app submission showing pricing to EU consumers and a link to our website; we are now empowered to do so by the European Commission’s decision in the music streaming case. “Apple’s delay is in direct contradiction to their claim that they turn down reviews of applications within 24 hours and is also contrary to the Commission’s established timeline for acceptance.”

Danish Kapoor