Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Samsung will soon start mass production of its first 3nm Exynos chip

Samsung and Synopsys announced that Samsung's foundries are preparing for mass production of the first 3nm Exynos chip. However, there is no clear information about the Exynos part in the press release.

The South Korean tech giant collaborated with Synopsys, a firm specializing in electronic design automation, to fine-tune the entire manufacturing process, thus maximizing yield and improving the performance of the chip.

The press release states that the two tech companies are in the final design process, called “taping.” Essentially, this means that the final design is sent to the foundry so that the production lines can adapt it to the mass production process.

This will be Samsung's first complex and high-performance chip based on the 3nm node using the Gate All Around (GAA) process. Samsung's foundries have been producing 3 nm chips since 2022, but these are simple chips used for cryptocurrency mining. The SoC used in mobile devices is a more complex piece of hardware that requires different design and manufacturing processes.

Samsung can use its new generation chips in Galaxy Watch 7

If all goes as planned, Samsung's foundries will begin mass production of the next-generation chip within a few months. However, it is unclear whether the first 3 nm chip will actually be the Exynos 2500 or another processor for the Galaxy S25 series. For example, Galaxy Watch 7 is very soon and may be available to users with Samsung's latest hardware.

Danish Kapoor