Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Google is shutting down its VPN service: End of Google One VPN

Google decided to close the VPN by Google One service, which it launched in 2020. According to a customer email seen by Android Authority, the service will end later this year. Although an exact date has not been given, the closure of this service may affect users.

Subscription fees for VPN by Google One were set at $1.99 per month on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows platforms. According to 9to5Google, Google explained its decision to discontinue the service because “people weren't using it enough.” The fact that users have the opportunity to choose between other VPN services offered by Google may have influenced this decision.

Google's alternative VPN services

While Google terminates its VPN service, it draws attention to other options it can offer users as alternatives. VPN services offered through Google Fi and Pixel devices may become more prominent with the closure of Google One VPN. These services aim to provide solutions that better suit users' needs.

VPN by Google One is the latest service to be added to the “Google Graveyard,” just weeks after Google One announced that its cloud storage service had reached 100 million subscribers. Google cited the desire to “focus on the most in-demand features and benefits” as the reason for shutting down the service. This may also be related to Gemini AI technologies that the company has started to integrate into Google One.

This change by Google stems from the fact that the company wants to better understand user needs and shape its services accordingly. The closure of VPN by Google One can be seen as part of Google's restructuring process in technology and services. The company constantly evaluates and rearranges its existing services to provide users with more effective and efficient solutions.

When choosing which of Google's VPN services to choose, users should consider available alternatives and their personal security needs. VPN services on Google Fi and Pixel devices may be preferred by more users with the demise of Google One VPN. The security and access opportunities provided by these services will help users protect their privacy on the internet.

Danish Kapoor