Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

X Premium subscribers will no longer be able to hide their blue ticks

X Premium subscribers had the opportunity to keep the approved account sign, the blue tick, which was one of the benefits of this subscription. However, a notification sent by the company to Premium subscribers stated that this right was withdrawn. is showing.

X offered the blue tick storage option to its users last summer. It remains unclear why the company is stepping back now. The notification sent by X shows that the blue tick requirement will come into effect soon.

The blue tick, once a status symbol, lost its appeal after X, under Elon Musk's ownership, switched to a paid account verification system. Now the blue tick mark mostly indicates that that person is a Premium subscriber. Due to this new system used by fraudsters and imitators, mass blocking actions were initiated against some blue tick accounts.

Which accounts have blue ticks other than X Premium subscribers?

Over time, X gave blue ticks to accounts with more than 1 million followers, thus making the accounts of famous names approved. Within the framework of this approach, blue ticks were added to the accounts of some famous names who lost their lives.

Last week, X started distributing blue ticks free of charge to accounts with a certain number of Premium followers. Although the announcement of this move was previously made by Elon Musk, it caused surprise among some users. The removal of the possibility of hiding blue ticks can be described as a development that will disturb Premium and Premium Plus subscribers who do not want to attract attention.

Danish Kapoor