Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Samsung The Frame 2024 crowns its color quality with Pantone approval

Samsung opens a new page in color quality with the 2024 model The Frame TV. Pantone, the world-famous color standards organization, approved The Frame’s color reproduction technology with the “Pantone Validated ArtfulColor” certificate. This certification shows that The Frame is capable of perfectly presenting natural colors by meeting Pantone’s precise standards. This success is of great importance, especially in terms of displaying works of art in correct colors.

Yongjae Kim, Samsung’s Vice President of Visual Display Business Unit, sees this success as part of their goal to provide customers with the best experience. He states that with this certificate, The Frame offers users a realistic art experience. Samsung emphasizes that it will continue its work to further improve the viewing experience.

Pantone’s evaluation process tests the accuracy of The Frame’s colors and skin tones compared to physical color cards under standard lighting. The Frame was the first TV in the world to meet this stringent validation. Pantone Senior Global Director of Product and Licensing, Iain Pike, says The Frame was impressed by the on-screen Pantone color reproduction, making The Frame the world’s first TV to earn the Pantone Validated ArtfulColor designation.

The Frame’s Art Mode is designed to showcase artwork and photos in lifelike colors in environments such as the home or gallery. By intelligently adjusting brightness and tones based on ambient lighting, it offers viewers a natural and immersive artistic experience. Equipped with Samsung’s QLED display technologies, The Frame can precisely reflect Pantone SkinTone colors and a wide spectrum of colors included in the Pantone Matching System. It also provides access to more than 2,300 works of art through the Samsung Art Gallery and offers effective protection against glare and reflections thanks to its Matte Screen.

This success of The Frame 2024 model takes the visual experience to the next level, at a point where technology and art meet, and enables users to experience works of art in their homes in a more accurate and impressive way. With this innovative approach, Samsung offers its users not only a TV but also a work of art.

Danish Kapoor