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Danish Kapoor

Prices for those who want to buy the iPhone 13 model from America

For those who want to buy an iPhone these days, you can find our recommendations and comments about the most suitable iPhone option you can buy this year in our Best iPhone 2023 article. In this article, we are sharing the iPhone 13 US prices and the details you need to know for those who want to buy an iPhone from America.

Although Apple introduced the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models in September 2023, it continues to keep at least one model from the iPhone 13 series released in the fall of 2021, the iPhone 13 with a 6.1-inch screen, on sale. You can find this phone both in America and Turkey. We have previously published a detailed review of this iPhone model. You can also find the review video below.

However, if you are going to the USA for a certain period of time or if a relative of yours is coming to Turkey, you can buy the iPhone 13 model from America.

Below are the comparative prices of the iPhone 13 model in the USA and Türkiye:

iPhone 13 US prices

According to this iPhone 13 US cash prices as follows:

iPhone 13 128GB: 599 Dollars (17.106,66 TL)
iPhone 13 256GB: 699 Dollars (19.962,53 TL)
iPhone 13 512GB: 899 Dollars (25.674,27 TL)

The TL equivalents of these prices are given with the $-TL parity dated 11 November 2023. ($1: 28.56 TL)

The above prices do not include VAT. VAT varies from state to state in the USA. Additionally, you must register IMEI to use the iPhone 13 you purchased from the USA in Turkey. As of July 2023, the IMEI registration fee is 20,000 TL.

iPhone 13 Türkiye cash prices as follows:

iPhone 13 128GB: 36.999 TL
iPhone 13 256GB: 40.999 TL
iPhone 13 512GB: 48.999 TL

Buying the iPhone 13 model from the USADespite the very high IMEI registration fee, it seems cheaper than Turkey. However, Apple’s international warranty does not cover Turkey. In other words, an Apple product you buy from abroad is not under warranty in Turkey. This means a great risk in case of malfunction. Moreover, advantages such as a two-year warranty, using it in Turkey without any compatibility problems, not having to search for a passport for registration, or not having to deal with the problems related to the IMEI registration process, which is becoming increasingly difficult, are among the opportunities available when purchasing iPhone 13 series phones from Turkey. It is necessary to decide by taking all these issues into consideration.

Danish Kapoor