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Danish Kapoor

How to install watchOS 10 Public Beta?

If you were excited by Apple’s return of widgets to the Apple Watch at this year’s WWDC event, you’ll be even more excited with watchOS 10 Public Beta, where you can try these changes without waiting until the fall. We explain how to install watchOS 10 Public Beta here. However, there are some important points you need to know before proceeding with the installation.

First off, watchOS 10 is a serious update, and in addition to bringing widgets back to the platform, it completely redesigns the apps on Apple’s own smartwatch and reimagines the way you interact with the device. This includes changing many of the features and controls you’ve gotten used to by now. Additionally, you can’t revert to watchOS 9 after installing the beta. This means you need to make your decision wisely. If you don’t want to relearn how you use a smartwatch, it might make more sense to wait for the official release in the fall.

Additionally, since beta software is not the final product, some applications may not work properly, the battery may drain faster, and some new features may not be available yet. Additionally, to install watchOS 10, you must first install the iOS 17 public beta version on your iPhone. This means agreeing to install beta versions on both your devices. Therefore, we recommend always creating backups and using secondary Apple Watches and iPhones if possible.

If you’re still eager to install the beta, it’s good news that Apple has made the beta installation process easier this year. Below is a list of what you need to do:

watchOS 10 Public Beta installation steps

  1. Check if you have a compatible Apple Watch. watchOS 10 is available for Series 4 and later models and both generations of Apple Watch SE.
  2. If you haven’t already, install the iOS 17 public beta. We explain how to install it here.
  3. Once this is complete, place your Apple Watch on the charger. To install the beta version, your smart watch must be close to your iPhone and within Wi-Fi range. If your smart watch’s battery level is low, you can start the process when it is at least 50 percent charged. This can be a long process, so choose a time when you won’t need your iPhone or Apple Watch handy.
  4. Open the Watch app on your iPhone and my watch Go to the tab.
  5. General > Software Updates Go to .
  6. a new Beta Updates You will see the menu. From here watchOS 10 Public BetaSelect . You can also choose Developer Beta, but keep in mind that Public Beta is usually more stable.

Troubleshooting tips

  • If you don’t see the beta options, try going to Automatic Updates in the Software Update menu and turning it off and on.
  • If that doesn’t work, check if you’re signed in to Apple’s Beta Software Program website with your Apple ID.
  • In the Beta Updates menu, double-check that the Apple ID listed is correct.
  • If all else fails, try turning your iPhone on and off.

Danish Kapoor