Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

YouTube Music will let you search for songs by humming on Android phones

The YouTube Music app for Android is rolling out a feature that allows users to make calls by humming, whistling or singing. While this feature is similar to song recognition applications such as Shazam, it can also be considered to help you when you hum a song to your friend. The new feature allows users to hum, whistle, sing or play a recording to identify a song.

If you have this new feature, you will see a new waveform icon next to the microphone icon when you tap the call button in the top right corner of the app. When you tap this icon, the app will start listening. Testing has shown that the app can quickly identify real recordings, making it a great alternative to Shazam.

In humming searches, the app can mostly identify the correct songs, but sometimes funny mistakes can occur. For example, he may mistake a children's song for a song by Tom Waits. But overall, it can accurately identify most songs that users are humming, whistling or singing.

Although this feature cannot find the desired song in some cases, it still performs quite impressively. For example, when you hum Meat Loaf's “Bat Out of Hell,” the app can identify a song by Reckless Love instead. However, such mistakes can be inevitable, especially when it comes to little-known songs.

It is stated that the new feature is quite impressive in terms of speed. Compared to a similar feature that Google Assistant has had for years, this new feature of YouTube Music can provide faster results. This allows users to identify songs more quickly and easily.

This new feature of YouTube Music seems to significantly improve the user experience. Instead of identifying songs by simply listening to them, users will now be able to search by humming or whistling. This will make the process of discovering music more fun and interactive.

The “hum to call” feature has also appeared on iOS in recent months, but has not yet been widely available. Offering this feature for Android users will enable YouTube Music to reach a wider user base. This innovation further highlights the user-friendly and innovative features of YouTube Music.

In conclusion, YouTube Music's new humming search feature will provide great convenience for music lovers. Users will now be able to find the song they want by simply humming it, without having to remember the song names. This allows YouTube Music to take a step forward in music recognition technology.

Danish Kapoor